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So Divine Song ##BEST##

"We went in more prepared with the songs and ideas way more than 'Forever More,'" guitarist Frank Hannon reports, "and the style is pure Tesla back to our roots." He compared their approach on the new project to 2004's 'Into the Now,' praising the help they got from "the legendary Tom Zutaut, who helped us make our best albums."

So Divine Song

When I first heard this song I fell in love with the words . I could not get the tune of it . But I listen to it every morning when doing my devotion. God our Father send His Son Jesus who knew no sin to die for our sin. Oh what love . Oh what matchless love . Thank you Lord

Tollywood popular singer Sunitha Upadrashtra's traditional moments are going viral on the internet and winning the hearts of netizens. Sunitha is well known for her sweet voice and she gained millions of hearts with her good manners and songs. Sunitha is very active on social media and loves to share her lovely moments with her followers. Today on the occasion of Vara Lakshmi Vratham, singer Sunitha shared a video on her Instagram handle in which she has seen offering prayers to the goddess Lakshmi and singing Harati song. She captioned her post as "My mom makes my life so divine and be"autiful.." 041b061a72


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