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Driver San Francisco Pc Save Game Chapter 8 Free Download

Driver San Francisco Pc Save Game Chapter 8 Free Download

Driver: San Francisco is a 2011 action-adventure racing video game developed by Ubisoft Reflections and published by Ubisoft. The game features a unique gameplay mechanic called "Shift", which allows the player to switch between any car in the city at any time. The game also has a storyline that follows John Tanner, a detective who is pursuing a crime lord named Charles Jericho.

Download File:

If you are looking for a way to save your progress in Driver: San Francisco, you might be interested in downloading a save game file that has everything unlocked. A save game file is a data file that contains information about your game state, such as your completed missions, your unlocked cars, your upgrades, and your challenges. By using a save game file, you can skip the parts of the game that you have already played or that you find too difficult, and enjoy the game at your own pace.

There are several websites that offer save game files for Driver: San Francisco, but not all of them are reliable or safe. Some of them might contain viruses, malware, or corrupted data that can harm your computer or your game. Therefore, you should always be careful when downloading anything from the internet, and use a trusted antivirus program to scan the files before using them.

One of the websites that we recommend for downloading save game files for Driver: San Francisco is [SaveGameWorld]. This website has a large collection of save game files for various games, including Driver: San Francisco. The save game file that we are going to use in this article is the one that has 100% completion, all cars, upgrades and challenges unlocked, and chapter 8 finished. This means that you can start playing from chapter 9, which is the final chapter of the game.

To download and use the save game file from SaveGameWorld, follow these steps:

  • Go to [this link] and click on the "Download" button. You will be redirected to another page where you can choose between two download options: Mega or MediaFire. Choose the one that you prefer and click on it.

  • You will be taken to another website where you can download the file. Click on the "Download" button again and wait for the file to be downloaded to your computer. The file name should be "DriverSF.rar".

  • Once the file is downloaded, you need to extract it using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You can download WinRAR from [this link]. Right-click on the file and choose "Extract Here" or "Extract to DriverSF". You should get a folder named "DriverSF" with two files inside: "savegame.dat" and "savegame.bak".

  • Now you need to copy these two files to your game folder. To do this, you need to find where your game is installed on your computer. The default location is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Driver San Francisco". If you have installed the game in a different location, you need to find it yourself.

  • Once you have found your game folder, open it and look for another folder named "savegames". Inside this folder, there should be another folder with your Uplay username. If you don't have a Uplay account, you need to create one and log in to the game with it before proceeding.

  • Open the folder with your Uplay username and paste the two files that you copied from the "DriverSF" folder. If there are already some files with the same name in this folder, you need to overwrite them or rename them if you want to keep them as backup.

  • That's it! You have successfully installed the save game file for Driver: San Francisco. Now you can launch the game and load your profile. You should see that you have everything unlocked and that you can start playing from chapter 9.

We hope that this article was helpful and that you enjoy playing Driver: San Francisco with this save game file. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us through our [contact page]. Happy gaming!


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