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Hey there! I\u2019m Brandon Bayer, the founder and CEO of Flightcontrol. We are 4 person startup fresh out of Y Combinator that\u2019s building something truly special. More than fundamentally changing the way most people deploy applications, we\u2019re intentionally building the most life-giving and fulfilling company possible. My cofounder Mina and I care so deeply about building a company that helps people become the fullest version of who they are and helps them thrive personally and professionally.Flightcontrol is solving the huge gap between Heroku and AWSToday there is a big tradeoff between Heroku (and it\u2019s derivatives) which is easy to use but very limiting and restricting, and AWS which gives you full power and control but is a nightmare to use. We solve this by providing a layer on top of a company\u2019s own AWS account that makes it very easy to use while still letting them pop the hood and leverage the r\n Apply now and work remotely at Flightcontrol","jobBenefits":"\u23f0 Async","baseSalary":"@type": "MonetaryAmount","currency": "USD","value": "@type": "QuantitativeValue","minValue":140000,"maxValue":150000,"unitText": "YEAR","employmentType":"FULL_TIME","directApply":" ","industry":"Startups","jobLocationType":"TELECOMMUTE","applicantLocationRequirements":"@type":"Country","name":"Anywhere","jobLocation":"address":"@type":"PostalAddress","addressCountry":"Anywhere","addressRegion":"Anywhere","streetAddress":"Anywhere","postalCode":"Anywhere","addressLocality":"Anywhere","title":"Senior Platform Engineer with AWS DevOps SRE Experience","image":"https:\/\/\/assets\/img\/jobs\/9471d48f69493f033e13fabb037a21321650827902.png","occupationalCategory":"Senior Platform Engineer with AWS DevOps SRE Experience","workHours":"Flexible","validThrough":"2022-07-19T21:56:42+00:00","hiringOrganization":"@type":"Organization","name":"Flightcontrol","url":"https:\/\/\/flightcontrol","sameAs":"https:\/\/\/flightcontrol","logo":"@type":"ImageObject","url":"https:\/\/\/assets\/img\/jobs\/9471d48f69493f033e13fabb037a21321650827902.png"}Senior Platform Engineer with AWS DevOps SRE Experienceverified

OP Da Hood Aim Trainer GUI



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