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Z Anto Binti Kiziwi Mp3 Download

Z Anto Binti Kiziwi Mp3 Download

Z Anto is a popular Bongo artiste from Tanzania who is known for his hit song "Binti Kiziwi" which was released in 2007. The song features a model named Sandra Khan, who plays the role of a deaf girl who falls in love with Z Anto. The song was a huge success and became one of the most played songs in East Africa.

In 2020, Z Anto surprised his fans by releasing a new version of "Binti Kiziwi" with a video starring the same model Sandra Khan. The video shows that the two have matured over the years and still have a strong connection. The song has a catchy beat and a romantic message that appeals to many listeners.

Download File:

If you want to download the mp3 version of "Binti Kiziwi" by Z Anto, you can visit [this website] which offers the audio and video files for free. You can also stream the song online or watch the video on YouTube. The song is a classic Bongo Flava tune that will make you dance and feel the love.

"Binti Kiziwi" by Z Anto is a song that has stood the test of time and remains relevant even after 13 years. It is a song that celebrates the beauty and diversity of African women and the power of love. If you are looking for a song that will make you happy and nostalgic, you should download "Binti Kiziwi" by Z Anto today.


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