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Orient Episode 3 High Quality

"Daylight Robbery on the Orient Express" is the third episode of the sixth series of the British television comedy series The Goodies. The 53rd episode of the show overall, it was first broadcast at 9pm on BBC2.

Orient Episode 3

The official Twitter account for the ORIENT TV anime announced that this week's episode will be delayed due to a special news broadcast covering today's earthquake in Japan. Further information about the change in broadcast schedule will be announced later.

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the coast off of Japan's Fukushima prefecture earlier today, prompting tsunami warnings. Crunchyroll issued the following statement regarding the availability of ORIENT episode 11:

During Season 2, Tucci travels to Venice and its region Veneto; Turin and its region Piemonte (Piedmont); and Umbria for episodes 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Episode 4 takes place outside of Italy in London, which has a large Italian expat community.After a break of several months, Tucci and co. returned with four more episodes featuring the regions of Calabria, Sardinia, Puglia (+ Basilicata), and Liguria.

Your move. All in how you perceive, observe, orient, design your weaving between conscious and whole mind, learn within context and enact your own unique combination of presence, intention, perspectives, language, tools, practice and place.

In this episode we talk with Rebecca Bushnell about how writers from the past have found meaning in and read meaning into the natural world. Dr. Bushnell is the School of Arts and Sciences Board of Advisors' Emerita Professor of English. She's a noted Shakespeare expert and a scholar of early modern literature whose books include Green Desire: Imagining Early Modern English Gardens and most recently The Marvels of the World: An Anthology of Nature Writing Before 1700. Welcome to Episode 3, Tangled Up in Nature.

And here's what he describes of the pleasures of experiencing a garden at this point, why we have gardens and why we love plants. So he says: For if delight may provoke men's labor, what greater delight is there than to behold the earth appareled with plants as with a robe of embroidered work set with orient pearls and garnished with great diversity of rare and costly jewels. This variety and perfection of colors may affect the eye. It is such an herbs and flowers that no apple is or Zeus ever by could by any other art express the light. If odors or if taste may work satisfaction, they're both so sovereign in plants and so comfortable that no confection of the apothecarries can equal their excellent virtue.

The Omnia Podcast is a production of Penn Arts and Sciences. Special thanks to Dr. Rebecca Bushnell for sharing her time and reflections for this episode. I'm Alex Schein. Thanks for listening. Subscribe to the Omnia Podcast by Penn Arts and Sciences on Apple iTunes or wherever you find your podcasts to listen to every episode of In These Times: The Intricate Riddle of Life. 041b061a72


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